Microsoft .NET Open Source – What it Means for pTools and Customers

Nov 20, 2014

Microsoft have decided to make the full .NET stack open source. This represents a big shift for all applications built on the .NET stack including pTools. For years now we have made pTools source code accessible to enterprise customers but now the core applications framework has been opened up and any real or perceived barriers to development removed..Net open source means applications will now run on Linux as well as Windows/IIS and developers can build interoperability with applications on any other stack more easily....


Nov 10, 2014

The syndication of content from core WCM systems to social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter is a constant challenge. API’s for platforms change often and by definition controlling the output to these platforms dilutes, at best, their value to the business.We’ve been on a transition for many years from a point where 90%+ of all company web content is on the company website to a point where 90%+ of all company content is on alternate websites, social media platforms amongst them.This syndication and distribution ...

Content Complexity

Nov 7, 2014

We’ve been asked recently to explain the drivers for complexity in content management and the various impacts. This is painful stuff but I’ve tried here below to explain one aspect, namely the increase in complexity that is driven by workflows and multiple approvers involved in the content creation, publishing and release process. pTools handles this complexity and provides the audit trail that underpins business processes. Complexity Level 1 - One person + one file/content.Level one is the simple instant publishing of ...

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