WordPress set to charge $45,000 per year

Apr 11, 2013

Web content management is a technology sector with lots of existing and new entrants and ever changing feature sets. There are always surprises. We recently looked at broad segment of the WCM vendors as part of a benchmarking exercise and amongst the many and varied things seen, this line jumped out: ‘As a WordPress.com VIP, you get all the benefits and features of WordPress’s continuously evolving platform and WordPress.com’s rock-solid infrastructure, without the burden of making sure the site is stable, maintained, a...

pTools WebEx, taking the personalization plunge!

Mar 28, 2013

We regularly do a one-to-one WebEx with customers and prospects evaluating our software but we’ve never done a WebEx aimed at a general audience. The session on 9th April is the first of a series we will announce soon. This time we’re focussing on some specific attributes of content targeting and personalisation, and the presentation aims to explain how pTools can be used to achieve results with examples of real-world use rather than simply demonstrating the software. The granularity of tracking, tracing and targeting c...

pTools WCM Brands A to Z

Mar 12, 2013

It’s well known that the WCM market is a crowded space in terms of not just numbers of vendors, but also their scale and scope. We’ve recently been looking at defining our own unique selling points and for many years we’ve benchmarked against other competing and often larger scale vendors. In fact from the very first iteration of pTools we have looked to ensure that what we were building reflected the enterprise software metaphor we wanted to achieve. This is the primary reason for the content element and assembly model...

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