Intranet is a mirror of the organisation

Jun 27, 2013

A couple of years ago we commissioned research with Amarach research consultants around Intranet usage. Like many such initiatives here, I feel we were a little ahead of our time and one notable result from the research was the then relatively low instance and use of Intranet in businesses and organisations surveyed. This is changing. As firms try to tackle the impact of web communication and harness it to their own good, intranet is increasingly relevant as a launch-point and focus for day to day activity and communica...

What is CMS?

Jun 27, 2013

I've been working in CMS, Content Management Software, since the last century and sometimes, like others in the CMS business, I forget that many people still need a simple answer to the question; What is CMS? I hear people say that CMS is technology that helps you publish content to websites, and that's true. But for me the key word is Management. More and more content; text, files, images, videos is driven through more and more channels; websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; to more and more platforms; desktop, tablet...

pTools – CDN: Content Delivery Network

Jun 13, 2013

CDN means content delivery network. From a WCM perspective the C for content is self-evident although traditionally CDN's have largely focussed on video. In terms of D for delivery CDN has meant getting your content to the location/territory it which it will be consumed and this has meant using edge servers and other means by which content is replicated out so that it is proximal to the target audience. But the main driver for CDN in the context of web content management is the N for network. As infrastructure becomes i...

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