Responsive content management, right here, right now.

Aug 14, 2013

I have written here a good deal about content personalisation and the ability of pTools to drive content from a single source to any device, anytime, anywhere.This granularity is essentially a back end web content management functionality that should have no bearing on the experience of the end user as they consume content. That's seamlessness of experience; as a user perhaps views a news report first on the desktop, then on mobile on the metro on the way home, and then perhaps on their smart TV at home, the key challen...

Content management systems for an Intranet – Free Case Study

Aug 6, 2013

An intranet is an internal computer network that's used to share information, operational systems or computing services within an organization. Something has to drive and manage the distribution of content across the intranet and that's where an enterprise content management system comes in. The choice of CMS [content management system] will depend upon the size and scope of the intranet, internal resources, requirement and the features that are required from the intranet. Most medium to large organisations deploy an in...

Intranet is a mirror of the organisation

Jun 27, 2013

A couple of years ago we commissioned research with Amarach research consultants around Intranet usage. Like many such initiatives here, I feel we were a little ahead of our time and one notable result from the research was the then relatively low instance and use of Intranet in businesses and organisations surveyed. This is changing. As firms try to tackle the impact of web communication and harness it to their own good, intranet is increasingly relevant as a launch-point and focus for day to day activity and communica...

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