Psst! We're working on something big...

Apr 8, 2011

People are asking me what the big news is?

We released a new website a few weeks ago and used the home page to announce the news that 'We are working on something big!', without telling people, just yet, what it is. I'm getting worried. We didn't mention this news to anyone in person, but the rumour is out.

I am always a little surprised by the internet rumour mill. I shouldn't be I know. But when a family friend asks about something that's appeared on our website, I always feel mystified. Surprised that the real world and the web world have strangely collided.

If you're one of those people who need to know, well the big news, is, that, well, more on that later. Word of mouth, or the good old rumour, is still alive and kicking and it can't be ignored. No amount of PR will alter the reputation that exists about a company, or a software, or for that matter a person.

I spoke recently to one of Ireland's only true dot com millionaires and he admitted to me that if you can't get people to talk about your online service because it interests them, or works well, or is good value, then no amount of money spent on PR or advertising will shore up the gap between what they expect and what you deliver.

What that means is that word of mouth is like gold dust. It also means that the old days and ways of creating consumer 'need' through mass advertising are being undermined by even older and more reliable ways. If people are willing to tell others that what you do is good, then it's worth more than any piece in any news journal or any advertisement on any website.

What are we working on that's so big? Let's face it it's all about the software. But rumour has it we might be launching a new desk-top operating system called Swodniw, or is it a new search engine called Elgoog, or maybe it's a new CM software called Slootp!


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