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Jan 17, 2011

Remember WAP? We do, we were one of the first CMS firms in the world to deliver content management on mobile for WAP. Guess when? Yes it was last century, 1999 if memory serves me correctly and we delivered WAP 'sites' for AXA Insurance and the old Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin.

We were full of ideas, full of the potential of mobile content and mobile web, we even had a team dedicated to that whole area with a key engineer, designer, analyst and project manager. Personally I was excited. It was the future I thought. I was right. It was the future and here we are ten years later! Well it wouldn't be the first time we've broken new ground in terms of technology that's about ten years ahead of the market.

Back then mobile content was so controlled by the operators with what they openly called the 'walled garden' that the chance for mobile content management and mobile web in general to grow was stifled. Murdered, almost, at birth.

But this time, it’s different, for lots of reasons but mostly because mobile devices now see the web in full as it were and the experience is compelling. And guess what, pTools is back in mobile content management again. Never say never.

We've been tweeking that first MCM platform for ten years on and off with a few more half starts but we finally think we've got it and we’ve made the first cut with some great new MCM customers. pTools now delivers mobile web content management as standard with all the benefits of classic enterprise web content management plus a range of key features for mobile.

Mobile is, well, mobile, so pTools delivers mobile content based on geographic location; mobile is personal so pTools enables strict personalisation for mobile users and mobile devices; mobile is operator driven so pTools enables operator specific mobile content management. There's more and there will be more as the demand for MCM explodes.

Oh, and did I mention we're exhibiting at the first Mobile Conference at the National Convention Centre this coming Thursday 11th November...see you there!

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