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Nov 24, 2011

We’ve finally got the go-ahead to announce some news about our work with Allianz. Although we have worked with them for some time, we’ve never released anything specifically about the work done. This latest announcement is based on our fourth project with Allianz group companies over recent years. 

The exciting part, from a news perspective, is the introduction of pTools mobile content management functionality as part of the system that now drives web and mobile sites. All things considered we’re also quite proud of the fact that Allianz, one of the world’s largest personal insurance firms, headquartered in Germany, has chosen pTools to deliver its first dual web/mobile content management solution.

The results are striking. The use of a single source of content means that Allianz users can go mobile with content easily and immediately. Even though this is perhaps the first major implementation of pTools dual web/mobile content management functionality, it is certainly not the last. More and more customers see mobile as an intrinsic channel for content delivery through pTools. 

What makes this possible is pTools' single source content and the content assembly capability. Delivery to any platform, be it mobile, television, desk-top or tablet, is all effectively automated by the system and is based on the same source content that is authored and edited by users. 

Allianz is the customer who, on first seeing pTools said: ‘It’s like Vignette, only cheaper!’ 

I say ‘Yes. pTools is like Vignette. It is less expensive and it’s certainly more mobile.’

Check out the Allianz Case Study here.

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