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Oct 18, 2011

You’ve probably gathered we don’t do too many shows, and GTEC is the big deal. It’s a busy show with people from business, government and technology. Andy Manko, who’s on the stand for pTools says, ‘One of the key mandates for the Canadian government is Accessibility, driven by recent court rulings and legislation, and there is a great deal of discussion about the topic on the show floor. Despite the cool winds and dark sky in Ottawa, the mood on the floor is good as there is a belief that IT projects which had been held up may be moving forward due to recent elections across the country.  Plus we’re looking forward to this evening’s event with Enterprise Ireland followed by the Hockey Game!’

As anyone who knows us will agree, we tend to ‘show’ well. Personally I believe these shows are not just about sales and marketing but also about how the business sees itself and is seen by others. There is nothing like a major show event to force the delivery of new product features and confirm the position statements across all other activities. For GTEC, to be fair, we’re keeping our powder dry as it’s our first time there. But we will be confirming something of significance on the Accessibility front, as Andy refers to above, and I’ll talk more about that soon.

See us at GTEC Stand 326!

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