pTools - New Enterprise Ireland Case Study

Sep 8, 2011

As part of the general upgrade of case studies on we've revised the Enterprise Ireland case study. Since the launch of the site, Enterprise Ireland has received awards and recognition for the work. The Enterprise Ireland team that developed the site using pTools have made significant changes and further developments to the site, to make it more focussed on the individual audiences online. The success of this site seems to be based on the strong content template, simple and recurring navigation, consistent use of digital media and social networking integration. To be fair pTools can only take credit for enabling much of this and others deserve recognition for building out the end results. But the combined efforts of all has produced something which, dare I say it, seems to be a durable reference point for other sites in the sector.

Check out the new case study here -

Check out the launch press release here -

Check out the Enterprise Ireland site here -

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