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Jan 17, 2011

I'm all a twitter, blogged out and completely facebooked off. Sounds like a roller-coaster of a night out. Firstly I want to say that I have only a vague idea of where the Social Network phenomenon is going. I don't know how right it is or isn’t for business. I am not fully sure where exactly it fits with my personal life. My feeling is that it is not as game-changing as email or mobile messaging. But then I am already the wrong side of forty let alone fourteen. But I do know that every customer is interested in how Social Media can be harnessed to improve how they work the web and they want to know how pTools can help.

Well here's the news - pTools makes social networking for business easier. And here's why - because pTools has been built from the very beginning on the understanding that content is syndicated to multiple sites and locations across the world wide web. I won't go on about the pTools content element / content assembly model. But the key point is that because pTools handles content element by element and not just as web pages, it makes it easy to re-distribute that content, your content, to any site anytime anywhere in any format on any social network.

What's more because pTools content management functions are modular you can ramp-up features around a particular function to suit the demands of the business. One example of this is embedding Twitter messaging into standard pTools content attributes. This means customers can tweet from pTools and announce any new piece of content in synch with the tweet. The tweet is released down to the minute, managed in workflow, fully recorded and controlled in the system for the business. There's no need to login to Twitter and no need to do any pre-publishing or post-publishing content tweeking for tweeting.

The content is at the heart of the social networking experience and pTools automatically pushes that content out to potentially thousands of sites and draws visitors back in to the central site, all the time controlling and managing the process and enabling the otherwise uncontrollable syndication of your content across the social media network.

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