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Oct 7, 2011

I was at a conference in London last week and the big news was mobile content management (MCMS), again. We've been building out MCMS functionality since, yes, the last century and every year I get excited about the possibilities and each year it all seems to fade away, again.

But this time it's different. I hope. This time the rise of iPhone and iPad use is set to make Mobile Content Management a basic necessity for any significant content management initiative. Even though the iPad is less than two years old (it’s hard to believe), it has already created a whole new class of content delivery. Right now much of the content management functionality for iPad is trapped in the Apple way of doing things and many of the new companies that have been spawned by the iPhone/iPad revolution have some very peculiar ideas about how content is managed.

But very soon all major CM vendors will have a CM application for iPhone/iPad. Alfresco delivered theirs just this month amid tales of woe in getting through the Apple App store process. pTools is delivering content to iPhone/iPad as standard, with several high profile customers taking the plunge. We're showing previews of pTools CMS application itself -  or should I say MCMS! - for the iPhone/iPad platform to customers through the pTools Extranet. Apart from the alternative screens the main difference relates to content editing features and file management both of which invoke Apple device controls. If you're interested in an online demo just contact us in the usual way.

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