pTools System6 - a Euro Cloud Winner!

Aug 23, 2011

A little bit of recognition is always heartening. pTools has won the EuroCloud Best Cloud Computing Application 2011, in conjunction with our partners Fort Technologies. Is this the ‘kiss of death’ I hear you ask? Well, even if our software is in the cloud, we’re keeping our feet firmly on the ground. I couldn’t resist it, sorry. In many ways cloud computing is no more than a facilitator and what matters is still the core CMS engine. One area of real interest is the convergence of mobile computing and cloud computing. In a way they go together perfectly and it’s no coincidence that the advent of the cloud computing era coincides with what many are calling the end of the PC/desk-top era. Although it may seem more of an evolution than a revolution, and although desk-top computing will be around for many years, change is clearly coming. In the same way that mobile telephony has transformed communication, all be it that fixed line telephones still exist, so cloud computing will drive mobile computing in a way that will essentially make desk-tops redundant for many computing tasks. It remains to be seen how this affects for our daily working lives. Undoubtedly the as the physical boundary of workplace breaks down so too will the boundary of ‘worktime’. This may not be an all together good thing.

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