Tips for mastering AdWords Quality Score

Firstly, it is important to note that Google’s mission is to make sure everything they display is relevant. This extends beyond organic results to paid listings. For you, this makes for a great opportunity. Users want relevant information, and advertisers want to show relevant answers, so those listings get clicked on.


1. Auction

How does Google decide which order the ads displayed appear in? Google AdWords is an auction-based platform, and so, the person with the highest bid will appear at the top of the page. In position number one.

2. Ranking factors

Google factors in a lot of other signals to determine which ads are most useful. The most useful ads then receive a higher position. The factors of importance include your expected click-through rate. Google's going to make an educated guess on how often people are going to click on this advertisement. Landing page experience, relevancy and high-quality.

3. Relevancy

Ad relevancy is further determined by analysing the language in the ads, and its relatedness to the query. This prevents people from simply buying your way into unrelated keywords. Google also offers extensions that you can add to your ads to heighten your ad relevancy further. These can include a phone number, domain headline, or recent reviews.


4. Quality score

Google takes all of these factors into consideration alongside the ad format and your bid, and creates an ad rank. This is also called the overall Quality Score.  This score will affect your ranking as if your rank is too low, your ad actually won't appear at all. And it’s not only about the bid.

 5. Second-price auction

This signifies that you only have to pay the minimum amount to beat your competitor, and maintain your position. And so, the advertising bids will be automatically adjusted for you. Google does this to encourage you to bid your true, highest amount, knowing they'll always correct the bids to be in your favour. This is how Google manages its auctions.

Essentially, it boils down to improving your ad quality through the right keywords and ad copy, refining your landing page experience, and leveraging all of the available ad Formats