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pTools enterprise web content management and document management software services allow you to leverage enterprise level software, hosting, managed services and a lot more, for a level of investment that would simply not have been possible in the past.

We provide web content management, document management, digital asset management, learning content management, forms management and a range of other social media integration, analytics and user experience management features, based on minimum dual tier deployment with enterprise back-up and disaster recovery as standard.

We build and tailor the software service solution to suit your needs to help you deliver your content efficiently and securely, to your audience, world-wide. << FIND OUT MORE >> or << TAKE A DEMO >>



  • Content Delivery Network
  • Database Infrastructure
  • Network Community Extranet
  • Web Content Management Application
  • WYSIWYG Environment


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  • Workflow Management
  • Users Management
  • Standard Templates
  • Mobile Templates
  • Database Layer
  • Application Layer
  • Web Layer

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  • Territoriality Management
  • Performance Management
  • Content Certification Security Marking
  • Secure Socket Layer
  • Digital User Certificatation
  • Encrypted Data Partitioning

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  • Bloging Application
  • Mapping Application
  • Polling Application
  • Banner Management Application
  • Context Groups Application
  • Membership Application

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  • Intranet Toolset
  • Extranet Toolset
  • Personalisation Toolset
  • Social Media Toolset



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  • Context Groups Application
  • Mobile CMS Application
  • Forms Management Application
  • Digital Asset Management Application
  • Learning Content Management Application
  • Enterprise Document Management Application
  • StoreFront Application
  • Payment Gateway

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  • Microsoft Office Application Integration
  • Managed Service Support & Security
  • Scheduled System Back-up
  • Dynamic System Back-up
  • Passive System Disaster Recovery
  • Active System Disaster Recovery

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  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Facebook/LinkedIn Syndication
  • Vimeo Video Integration
  • Enterprise Statistics Reporting
  • Training Services
  • DNS Management

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  • Web CSS Support
  • Developer Support
  • Key Person Support
  • Calcentre User Support
  • Web User Support
  • Email Support

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Is there a limit to the number of users?
There is no limit to numbers of users or web content management software functionality. All customers have access to the full pTools enterprise application software service. Scale of deployment depends on database, servers and application instances needed.

Is this aimed at any particular type of customer?
pTools works for any organisation that wants to delivery great content efficiently and securely to its stakeholders world-wide.

Is this aimed at small or large organisations?
We have four categories of services for: Small Business; Medium Business; Public Sector; Large Enterprise. For each one we have software service offerings in web content management and document management for delivery on Internet, Mobile/TV, Intranet, Extranet and combined custom deployments.

Can I get pTools for free?
We're more than happy to provide trial access but we don't provide free commercial software services. However, if you have an opportunity that will seed a new market segment or new territory then talk to us and if you are a charity or not-for-profit organisation, we may be able to help.


Case Studies

Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland

Web Content Management – Interactive Rich Media, and Event Management. Case Study

Health Service Executive

Health Service Executive
Unified Content Management for National Health Intranet and Internet. Case Study

AXA Insurance
AXA Insurance

Online Claims Management and Transaction Content Management. Case Study


Web and Mobile Content Management for Global Brand Site Template. Case Study

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

Enterprise CMS for Internet, Intranet & Social Media Content. Case Study

Heenan Blaikie

Heenan Blaikie
Web Content Management Solution for International Legal Practice. (Coming Soon)