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pTools Marketing, Media & Advertising Solutions deliver pioneering Enterprise Content Management Software for Digital Media Advertising Solutions, delivering content to enterprise intranet, extranet and Internet.

pTools Marketing, Media and Advertising Solutions provide enterprise-wide integrity of online data, brand and campaign processing. pTools Marketing, Media & Advertising Solutions assist in the reduction of costs, increase market visibility, customer engagement and promote greener promotional and advertising processes.

pTools Solutions permit seamless collaboration between departments, partners, agencies and wider audiences, for efficient delivery of service and process transparency and information delivery for existing and prospective clients.

pTools Enterprise WCM Soltuions for Marketing, Media and Advertising incorporate MediaRich® DAM for SharePoint, Equilibrium's Digital Asset Management software. Organisations can now use pTools Enterprise WCM to manage valuable image and video assets and to enhance SharePoint deployments across the enterprise.


pTools Marketing, Media and Advertising Solutions CMS provides enterprise-wide integrity of online data, brand and project processing. Deploy pTools to reduce project process costs, increase market visibility & prospective client audience and promote greener advertising.

pTools Software permits seamless collaboration between departments, partners, agencies and wider audiences, for efficient delivery of service and process transparency for existing and prospective clients.

  • Corporate Brand and Content Management
  • Manage Rich Media & Video
  • Process Cost Reduction
  • Greener Project Process
  • Automate Workflows
  • Digital Project Collaboration
  • Web 2.0/3.0 Functionality
  • Online Business Transaction Processing
  • Capture Information
  • Innovate Online
  • Promote Campaign Concepts
  • Increase In-Project Efficiency
  • Broaden Corporate Visibility


  • Create, Edit, Manage, Search and Archive content manage and control dynamic content, related files and images; document control, auditing, editing, and publishing and document lifespan timeline management.
  • Document management manage the life cycle of a document from creation, through revisions, publication, archive, and deletion/destruction.
  • Template Control Create standard output templates that can be automatically applied to new and existing content, allowing branding and appearance of all content to be managed and updated centrally.
  • WYSIWYG editing tool content is separated from the visual presentation of the site, the editing tool is simple to use allowing non-technical personnel to create, add and edit content.
  • Workflow management; create workflow approval cycles, tasks and processes within the CMS. E.g., a content creator submits an item to the workflow process for approval prior to publishing.
  • Scalable feature sets pTools WCM Solutions include plug-ins or modules that can be easily installed to extend an existing site's functionality.
  • Web standards upgrades receive regular updates that include new feature sets and maintain current web standards.


  • Central repository of enterprise digital assets efficient searching and ordering ensures easy and quick access to what is needed.
  • Digital media assets management enterprise wide within the SharePoint environment.
  • Decrease costs associated with digital media production, management, and storage.
  • Web-based access and advanced metadata search for digital media assets enterprise wide.
  • Expedite critical product launches and marketing campaigns updated and approved digital assets are available immediately to market and promote new product releases faster.
  • Single IT platform; for all corporate media assets and global brands/global markets maintaining brand integrity.
  • Reuse of brand assets; eliminates the prospective errors through duplicated work.
  • Multi-channel marketing needs unified image and video platform.
  • Batch upload, process and export digital assets include folders preserving the directory structure. Batch results may be emailed, stored in SharePoint or saved to a user-defined location.
  • Preview documents with high-speed zoom & pan large image and video files as well as Microsoft Office documents of any size and type.
  • Image processing operations crop, sharpen, blur, etc.
  • Select file format, size, and resolution before downloading or exporting to any device.
  • Prime digital media; for web deployment, presentations, high quality printing, deployment to wireless devices and more.
  • Control usage rights and restrictions based on the assignment of roles and asset groups for effective digital rights management.
  • Generate detailed reports determine activity on digital assets and users for future planning and marketing strategy.


  • Enterprise CMS License
  • SharePoint Connector
  • Rich Media & Video Output
  • Member Document Exchange
  • Online Forms & Transactions
  • Asset [GIS/GEO] Mapping
  • Event Calendar Application
  • RSS - blogs/news/audio/video
  • Web 2.0 Plug-ins
  • Gadget Application
  • E-Alerts for Web updates
  • Multi-language Compliance
  • Usability & Accessibility Compliance.
  • News Carousel Application


pTools software solutions are currently deployed for Marketing, Media & Advertising promotions, campaigns and digital media management.

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