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7 Principles To Ensure Web Accessibility Compliance

It has become crucial for websites to adhere to set accessibility standards. Here, pTools shares the top 7 principles to abide by to ensure web accessibility compliance.

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9 ways to prepare your website for the new realities of 2021

Following the global pandemic, pTools has provided 9 tips for managing web and mobile content delivery in the coming year as well as a checklist of to-dos and a note to the elephant in the room.


pTools First Annual Conference on Identity and Risk

We are hosting our First Annual Global Virtual Conference on the 22nd of October 2020. Read here to find out more!


Trends in ISIN, LEI and Corporate Actions - Hear from the Jeff Braswell and other thought leaders

Here's a quick run down of our webinar trilogy series on trends in ISIN, LEI & Corporations. Check it out now to stay informed, updated and prepared for what the future holds for process automation!


Part 3- Using Technology to Transform LEI, ISIN & Corporate Actions

Why do we need LEIs and ISINs? How do we identify what instruments a financial institution deals with? Your questions answered with examples and more.


Part 2 - Using Technology to Transform LEI, ISIN & Corporate Actions

Clarifying the definitions. What are LEIs, ISINs and corporate actions? What is their purpose? Find out here.


Part 1 - Using Technology to Transform LEI, ISIN & Corporate Actions

The future is digital. Businesses need to adopt new technology into their processes to ensure they have a greater competitive advantage and greater efficiency.


Separating Hype from Fact in the “Build v. Buy” Debate

Separating opinion from fact in order to come up with the best recommendation for your business can be a challenge, especially in a large organization where multiple groups have a stake in the outcome. 

Webinar Series

LEI & ISIN Remote Management: Responding to COVID-19

A series of webinars focusing on the issuance & management of securities, such as LEI & ISIN, during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Great Digital Reboot

The COVID-19 pandemic, while a massive upheaval, also represents a significant opportunity for digital transformation as NNAs, LOUs, CSDs, and Exchanges prepare to go back to work. Will working ever be the same?