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Analysing and reacting to systemic risk in the 2020s

A discussion with Economist Prof Constantin Gurdgiev about new ways for the financial services institution to analyze and react to risk in in the 2020s.

The first few weeks of 2021 have provided the Financial Services industry and LOUs with plenty to analyze, and the rest of the 2020s will no doubt be the same.

This webinar, titled Analyzing and reacting to systemic risk in the 2020s, provided an overview of Constantin Gurdgiev's VUCA model (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) that provides new ways for financial services to analyze and react to risk in the financial and geopolitical realm. The webinar will also examined the impact of 'VUCA' on LEI in Financial Services.


Constantin and Tom had a great discussion focused on the 'VUCA' model.”

  • Volatility - The highs and lows will be sharper and more frequent
  • Uncertainty - Things are less predictable than ever
  • Complexity - Simplicity will be less of a feature
  • Ambiguity  - The paths forward are harder to define

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