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WEBINAR: The Interconnecting Future of ISIN, LEI, & Corporate Actions

Watch the webinar on demand.
Stephan Dreyer MD of ANNA, and Tom Skinner MD of pTools discussed the important intersections between ISIN, LEI, and Corporate Actions, and their future in the financial services landscape. Topics included...

  • ISIN to LEI mapping; ANNA and GLEIF
  • ISIN, LEI and ESMA regulations
  • ISIN for digital and crypto assets
  • ISIN for ESG and carbon credits


With ANNA celebrating its 30th Anniversary recently, the ISIN standard has never been more important in an increasingly complex financial services landscape. ANNA and GLEIF have mapped the ISIN standard with LEI, allowing for a greater connection between the ‘what’ of ISIN and the ‘who’ of LEI. As digital and crypto assets continue to make headlines they also discussed the growing role of ISIN in this area as well as recent developments in ESG and carbon credit reporting. Register now to watch the webinar on demand.


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